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  • aj1104
    if you enable the calling of additional phones you can move the call from cell to desk and vice versa via the call move feature. depending on the type of phone you have you can add a call move button to the phone or when a call comes in to you desk and rings your cell and you answer on the cell one of the desk phones softkeys will show move call and all you have to do is press the softkey to move the call.

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  • bkuhn
    I know you can use * codes when using extension assignment. For example,
    Transfer a Call ** + destination + ##
    Conference a Call ** + destination + **
    Hold a Call **
    Hang Up ##
    Access other star codes **
    Park a Call *11 + Ext
    UnPark a Call *12 + Ext
    Pick Up Remote Extension *13 + Ext
    Use Intercom *15 + Ext

    The only issue I see is when you have extension assignment enabled, your desk phone is not assigned to a user. You could try something with a dummy extension. Try parking the call from your cell to a dummy extension, then change extension assignment to primary phone, then unpark the call from the dummy extension using your desk phone.

    To park the call from the iPhone, you will press the following when on a call: ***118888 (assuming 8888 is your dummy extension)
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  • Transfer calll from iphone to office phone using the iphone communicator?

    Was wondering if the below scenario is possible. If possible what do I need to do to make it happen?. Thanks.

    1. Set the “EA” on the app to “Mobile Number” which will route all calls from my office phone to my Iphone.
    2. Make a call to my extension which will send the call to my iPhone.
    3. Answer the call on my iPhone
    4. Then if I choose to do so, send the call back to my office phone so I can continue the conversation.