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  • Unable to get iphone shoretel communicator to work using IIS 7

    From what I'm seeing on the web and this site, using IIS rewrite as a reverse proxy to get the iphone shoretel communicatoris working for people out there but I cannot seem to get it working for the life of me. I have followed the guide to perfection but still no go. Our situation is that we have shoretel 12 running in our LAN, and have setup a web server in our dmz running IIS 7, installed the ARR and Rewrite modules, and setup the rewrite rules as indicated. We have NAT'd a public IP to the DMZ IP of the IIS server and opened port 5500 on our firewall but not working. We were able to get it to work by using the iphone VPN feature and the local IP of our shoretel pbx server, but we will prefer not to go this route.

    Any ideas what we are not doing right? This stuff is driving me crazy.

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    Hi, did you ever get this working? I'm having trouble with the IIS config also.