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  • How do I receive calls on a mobile phone when only on cellular voice

    I am doing a test of the mobility router with some Iphone users. I have most of the features working. They can make and receive enterprise (4-digit) calls when registered on WiFi. They can make a 4-digit call while only on cellular. They can also do handover from wifi to cellular and vice versa, so I know the cellular access numbers are working. Conferencing and transfer to desk both work. When I'm on wifi, my desk and mobile phones both ring.

    With all of these features working, I can't figure out how to receive an enterprise 4-digit call on a mobile phone. I know I can assign my extension to the mobile number using Office Anywhere (extension assignment), but that doesn't use the mobility router and surely isn't the intended method.

    Does anyone have any hints about what I might be missing and what parts of the SMR config relate to this?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Got it working. The user group assigned to tandem trunking in the SIP trunk group must have access to the outbound trunks you want to use, but I had not given it access.


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      When you receive a call on cellular, does it come in the mobility dialer, or native dialer? If you turn the SRAC app off, do you still get calls on cellular?


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        It depends on the phone.
        If it is iPhone or Android then yes, it will still come in as a cellular call.
        For Blackberry and Symbian then I am not certain as I havn't got any deployed here at the moment, the ShoreTel dialler is able to do some clever signalling before your phone rings but whether or not it comes through still when the app isnt running I don't know.