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  • MiVoice Connect Mobility and iOS


    MiVoice Connect Mobility with iPhone deployments have experienced the iOS shutting down the Mobility Client app. to conserve power. With the app. not communicating with the Mobility Router, it doesn't alert the user to the call. If we log out/log back into the app., it works fine until the phone sleeps again. This has been a problem for quick some time and Mitel only quotes a change in the iOS is to blame and they have yet to publish what/when the fix will be coming. Any ideas on a work around for this or anything from Mitel I haven't seen?

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    This has been a pain point for us as well, I heard sometime next year. It was supposed to be released a while ago with the Mitel cloud gateway but that died when they sunset their cloud platform.

    I wouldn't hold your breath - it's probably time to look at moving to something else that offers a better mobile experience, that's where we are at. The mobility app almost worthless without inbound calling through the app.