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  • Licensing for Mitel

    I'm currently running MITEL CONNECT and i have "Mobile Access License" for all the users

    I have the following installed
    Mitel Connect Mobility Router Virtual v

    To confirm - do i need an additional license to active this or will it pull the information from director?

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    You do not need an additional license, but there are a number of config steps to get a mobility router integrated (and even then it is still not a single management interface like the conference bridge is). Do you have anyone using the mobility today, or is this a new install of it?


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      Yes i finally got it working last night! Kinda..

      No one currently using it, brand new install. Figured that with this "down time" it could be a nice project to put together.

      I noticed the config for it is INSANE and many of the docs out there are oddly Detailed and Incomplete :P
      I'm going to try to put instructions how to install it from scratch for the enthusiasts.

      I have since learned that creating user accounts is a two step process (create enhance mobile extension/sip config in director and then adding that info to mobility!)

      Right now i got to the point where i can provision a cell phone..... and make a outbound call that immediately hangs up. So i think its network stuff now.

      What i need to figure out still is
      - DIDs (access numbers) Do they need to go through the ShoreTel or can i just forward from the SIPARATOR to the Mobility Router directly
      - If they need to go to shortel director intead of mobility
      -- What do you make the DIDS do, are they routepoints?
      -- What are trunks used for. if i can push the DIDs directly to the router do i need them
      -- Saw mention of OSE on the trunks do i need to worry about them?
      - If they can go right to mobility router
      -- Do i need SIP trunks? or sip proxy enouh?
      - in IP PBX/Sip Turk - Remote side is it the public nated ip address?

      for NAT
      - Do i need to forward all the ports listed in systen/Networking/Ports or are they lan-lan ports
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