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  • Cell phone showing Billing Number not the DDI that called.


    When on the network or on the VPN using the mitel connect app. the mobile phone shows the extension of the user that is calling fine however when only using cellular if someone from HQ who has a DID calls a mobility extension the mobile shows the main sip billing number and not the DiD of the user calling. For example

    The main sip billing number is
    01606 xxx 400

    Billy Has a DiD configured on his deskop of:
    01606 xxx 420

    James extension is 5000 and is configured for mobility.

    When Billy calls James the incoming number that james sees is 01606 xxx 400 not 01606 xxx 420

    But if Billy calls James from his desktop on his mobile number directly the correct number is shown.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance.

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    This should be able to be adjusted within your trunks border controller. If this was a PRI you could simply flip the RNIE order
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