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  • Cannot change availability state mobility client

    We have a working virtual mobility router. Users are able to make/receive calls, and can authenticate/setup using LDAP creds, however we are unable to set the Availability State.

    The error message is: "Communicator login failed". Then a login screen appears and AD creds do not work. After failure, a message: "Cannot communicate with server. Please try again later" appears.

    Connect Build 21.84.5535.0
    vSMR v9.5.1712.481

    Thoughts appreciated!

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    Update: Changed the authentication from LDAP setup to "Trusted Admin" and fixed the Availability state. You may have to delete the app, and reinstall it on the mobile device.

    How to set up the Trusted Admin App Connection between the SMR and Director
    1. Run cd “C:\Program Files (x86)\Shoreline Communications\ShoreWare Director\App\bin”
      pki.bat -S SMRAdminApp in a Command Prompt window
      To generate the certificate for the SMR they are located in the Shoreline Data\keystore\certs directory and copy the contents of the following cert and key files:
    2. Set Up Trusted Server Applications for the SMR
      Complete the following steps to set up trusted server applications for the SMR:
      1. Log in to Mitel Connect Director and navigate to System > Security >Trusted Server

      2. Click New, and complete the following steps to create a new trusted server application for the
      Mobility 9.0 SMR:
      1. Specify the Trusted account name. This should be a descriptive name that conveys the
        location and use of the SMR. This information is for reference only.
      2. Browse to Shoreline Data\keystore\certs, and select the SMRAdminApp file.
      3. Select Client Application Service in Application Type, and select Enabled.
      4. In Property Type, select admin-cas in Available, and then click to move it to Selected.
      5. Click Save.
    3. Navigate to Configuration > System > Authentication > Directory, and complete the following
      steps to configure the trusted application settings:
      1. Click Add.
      2. Select Mitel Directory in Server Type.
      3. Specify a Name.
      4. Click Apply.
      5. Specify the headquarters FQDN or IP address in Server Address.
      6. Select Trusted Admin App, and then click the Manage App Certificate link to launch the Directory Server Certificate page.
      7. Click Import, and paste the contents of the cert and key files you copied in step 1 of this section.
      8. Click Import again, and then cancel the prompt to reboot.
      9. Select tls in Security type.
      10. Click Apply, and then click Verify.
    4. Sync Authenticator Keys on the SMR
      1. Open a browser and navigate to the SMR configuration page with administrator permissions.
      2. Navigate to Configuration > System > Authentication > Directory, and select the directory you defined in Configure Trusted Application Settings on the SMR on page 21.
      3. Click Sync ABC Keys to sync the authenticator public keys with the headquarters PBX. Mitel recommends you use the Query option to search for a known Mitel directory user name to verify that you can successfully access the Mitel directory.
    5. Specify the Authorization Directory Servers
      1. Open a browser and navigate to the SMR configuration page with administrator permissions.
      2. Navigate to the Configuration > Groups and Users page.
      3. Select the appropriate group, and then select the appropriate directory type and directory in External User Authentication/Authorization.
      4. Click Next. Complete configuration as necessary, and then click Apply.

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      Hey Lance.

      I'm working through this and I really appreciate your input above. Your steps are very clear and concise. More than what I found in the MR Admin Guide (which I'm bouncing back and forth in - it's not in the most logical order for build out).

      I do have question - In Step 4.3, when I sync ABC keys, I get an HTTPS error immediately. Do you have any ideas here?

      I'm working with an existing Connect system that I didn't build out but want to get this working here before I consider deployment at a client site.

      I'm thinking the few $ for the al-la-carte course would be worth it...


      I started back on this a week or more later and the sync worked just fine. Strange, but stranger things have happened.
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