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  • Shoretel Mobility SErver

    Is tehre anyway to get a copy of the mobility server? I understand that durring the upgrade we get some licenses to use with it.

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    This is similar to the other post you have. There is a physical mobility router and a virtual one. The mobility image is downloaded from the Shoretel site. When you upgrade you do not get licenses unless you are speaking about the upgrade from 14.2 to Connect, and in that case you don't get anything you have not already paid for. They just change the terminology and type of license.


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      Sorry i forgot i posted about this before. (its been a long year and this has been on my "back bunrer")

      During the migration from 14.2 to 15.1 i see a license line "ShoreTel Mobile Access License" that is populated with available licenses.

      Sadly i dont seem to have access to the shortel download site (yes i do have a paid up management contract through a partner)


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        Thanks for the explanation.

        The licenses you received resulted from the conversion of the licenses issued in 14.2 to the connect bundle licenses. This however still requires you to purchase the mobility router from shoretel as well as SIP trunk licenses in order to connect the mobility router to the PBX.


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          Good to know.
          We have spare sip trunks from the failed fax integration with shoretel when we first got it (we ended up trunking directly with the fax server)

          I thought the virtual mobility router as like the virtual phone switch, where its "free" to deploy just needs licenses to use?

          At least that is what our partner suggested.