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  • Reorder Tone – When dialing a toll free number

    When dialing a toll free number (For example any 1-800-XXX-XXXX), reorder tone message is displayed on the ShoreTel phone. This happens only to some specific lines which have “Allow Enhanced Mobility with Extension” feature enabled and are not logged into their extension from primary location (Reorder Tone message is not displayed when the user dials a toll free number from their primary phone)
    Can anyone sugguest what could be the potential cause?

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    I've seen this happen when users move around sites. If a user moves between sites, they need access to local telco for each site they may visit/use. The system will determine the call is local to site B and attempt the call there. The user, not having access to this trunk group, will get denied and hear reorder tone. If this is the issue you are encountering you will find windows application event log entries for each reorder tone received.