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  • How to make SIP trunks from Shoretel Director to MOBILITY ROUTER

    I am installing Mobility for the first time, and trying to figure out for to establish SIP trunks from Shoretel director to mobility router and I cannot find any info on this. Thanks.

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    Check out this guide here, it should help. Just point the SIP trunk to the LAN IP of the Mobility Router.


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      It would be best to read the Installation and Integration Guide for the Mobility Router. If you can login to the mobility router there will be a link in the upper right corner to the Mobility Router documentation on the ShoreTel support site.

      The Mobility router needs to have a PBX defined with the Director and a SIP trunk switch IP address. Then you can configure that switch to have SIP Trunk resources. Create a SIP Trunk Group and create SIP Trunks with the IP address of the internal (LAN) side of the mobility router.


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        This is good info, for mobility and for setting up SIP trunks in general, thank you.