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  • Mobility/Connect App(s) for iOS/Android dropping calls

    Hi all,

    For some time now we have been unable to figure out why our Mobility/Connect smartphone app users are experiencing dropped calls after 5-10 seconds every time they make a call.

    Last time it was working was maybe a month and a half ago, with no changes to the system when the issue began.

    Any and all advice is appreciated!

    EDIT: we do find this in the logs on the mobility router:

    2017/08/16 12:00:49: User elarsen, Session ID 54493 - Call disconnects between Calling Party 1864 and Called Party 1866 due to Normal Disconnect. Received BYE from VoIP client.

    worth noting that the app on the smartphone stays showing an active call, while the other end (internal and external) show no active call.
    Last edited by elarsen; 08-16-2017, 09:08 AM.