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  • Cannot make outbound call

    Can you tell me why I cannot call out on the Shortel Mobility App??
    (I have an Iphone 7).
    This app so far is not very good at all but my company wants us to use it.

    EVERY single time I try to call out, it gives me a "Call failure-network busy". I have tried to call out from the office (where our Shoretel phones are), my home, a Starbucks, etc. and it's ALWAYS the same result- that error code.

    Yes, I have already provisioned it successfully as well. Any help or tips???? I would appreciate it very much!!

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    It could be a lot of things. Does the Mobility Director show you as both provisioned and registered? Does it work on a network internal to your ShoreTel system at all? What version Mobility and Director are you running?


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      Good questions- and not sure where I would get the answers? First off, I am provisioned and registered. However, what's odd is that if I go back to provisioning on the iphone, it makes me set it up "provision" it all over again. Every time. However, even after doing that, the calls still get the "call failure-network busy". Regarding your other questions, I'm not sure how to find these answers. I'm not a tech person. Just a sales rep in a company that has Shoretel and boasts about all the good things we can do. So far, it's not been smooth at all.


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        The phone might be provisioned but there could be a problem between the Mobility Router and the ShoreTel system - which is what this sounds like to me as the whole problem. Whether it's trunk configs or SIP registration etc. If you don't have access the Mobility and ShoreTel system it'll be tough getting you any more answers here.

        You'll need to reach out to your support team or ShoreTel partner to get those answered.


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          Ok thank you !