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  • Edge Gateway Call Quality

    Good morning everyone .... I am having some teething issues with our Edge Gateway and I was wondering if anyone else has seen anything like this before. We have our partner looking into the issue but I thought I would see if anyone has ever come across anything similar.

    We are running Connect (latest build) and have the edge gateway connected for our remote sites, everything works perfectly for internal calls. However when we try to make an external call via our ISDN30 (Via an E1K) you get crackling on the line. This is only an issue when it goes out via ISDN30, if we route it via ISDN2 in another site it works perfectly despite the additional hops. I would just use the ISDN2 lines as a work around but we need to be able to use presentation 3,4,5 which doesnt work on ISDN2 unfortunately.

    Has anyone experience anything like this before?

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    Just to add.... it only appears to be on outbound calls. If someone calls in via their direct dial (still through the ISDN30 at the HQ) the call quality is fine. Also the call quality always appears to be fine on the ShoreTel system, it is only poor quality the other end...

    Hopefully i have explained that well


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      Log it out to your E1 provider. check to see when testing if it's a particular trunk in the e1 that's doing it. inbound calls start at one end of the 30 channels and outbound will start at the other


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        Thanks for the message back. It is really odd as it is only when calls are going through the Edge Gateway so my gut thinking is that it isn't the actual line itself, more the communication through the EG to the ISDN lines if that makes sense.

        I have also done a bit more testing today and if i transfer the call with the poor call quality to another ShoreTel phone which is connected to a locally attached switch (so not through the Edge Gateway) the call quality returns back to normal. I have also tested a call being made from a normal ShoreTel phone to a mobile (which sounds fine) and then transferring the call to a phone on the Edge Gateway, the result is a perfect call still. So the only time i have a poor quality call is when it is initiated from a phone on the Edge Gateway, if a call from any other device is initiated on the same channel it works perfectly ......

        Confusing hey !


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          Normal practice is to set the IP range of the Edge Gateway phones to use low bandwidth codecs. If you have that in place already, curious to what would happen if you removed that restriction as a test and allow the EGW to use a different codec. This does sound as if it is a codec issue.