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  • Android 4 support

    I upgraded our SMR to firmware 4.6 to support android, but pointing my Android 4 (Galaxy Nexus) to http://<SMR Address>/i does not give me an option for Android 4.

    Does anyone know when it will be supported?


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    I don't know. Have you attempted installing a version for 3?

    I'm interested to know how it turns out.
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      There is no option to install 3.0. The 2.x series is for phones. The 3.x is for tablets. The 4.x version is a blend of both the 2. and 3. and meant to install on all devices from here on out.
      The highest option for Android on the mobility router is for 2.3. I installed it. Went through the steps to provision it. It seemed to work. In my SMR I have a provision entry for my Galaxy Nexus (Android 4). However, when I re-run the SMR dialer, the APP crashes upon run dropping back to the home screen. Also, when I tried to bring up the native dialer, I got an error stating that "Shoretel" has crashed. I uninstalled the Shoretel dialer.
      I guess I'll have to wait.


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        It crashed on my Galaxy S2 as well, on 2.3, so I think you'll have to wait a while.


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          Really? It crashed on 2.3? That seems like a fluke. I have several 2.3 (not Galaxy S2 though) clients that are working fine.


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            BTW... I upgraded our SMR to 4.8 and the mobility client works on my Android 4 Galaxy Nexus. Granted, it is not officially supported and I had to install the 2.3 version, but it does work...


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              Hi there,

              Kind of an older thread but I thought what the heck...

              I have a Motorola RAZR (quite a few actually) running Android 4 and the roam anywhere client will install, and work INTERNALLY. When the phone is on the cell data network the SMR will call out to the device but you never hear the prompt about an incoming enterprise call. After about 5 seconds the call disconnects.

              So I guess it looks like it might be an Andriod 4 issue. Does anyone know when Andriod 4 will be supported??? The SMR work fine in all scenarios with my HTC Thunderbolt Android 2.3 though so that's good... I guess.




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                Are you sure that the mobile number is programmed into the SMR user profile?


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                  Originally posted by ccm399 View Post
                  Hi there,
                  When the phone is on the cell data network the SMR will call out to the device but you never hear the prompt about an incoming enterprise call. After about 5 seconds the call disconnects.
                  On the user affected, go to Options and check that Cellular Answer Confirmation is set to IVR.


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                    Yes I had the same issue. I think setting the "Cellular Answer Confirmation is set to IVR" on the user (or group) that has iPhone or Android will cause the incoming call to the cell to not prompt about an incoming enterprise call where you have to send DTMF to prove to the SMR that you are human and not voice mail. IPhone and Android (I think) require you to set this to DTMF.
                    The way to get this to work (until it's officially supported) is to note the device type in Configuration-->Users & Groups-->Users--><User In Question>
                    Then double click the user and click the "Mobile Device" tab. Note the exact spelling and case of the "Device Model".
                    Now, go to Configuration-->voice-->advanced-->Device types and click "Add".
                    I'll use Galaxy Nexus because that the phone I have.
                    Model: Galaxy Nexus
                    Model Description: Galaxy Nexus
                    Device OEM: Android
                    Default Mobile OS: Android 2.3
                    Cellular RX offset: 0
                    WiFi RX offset: 0
                    Fingerprint: uncheck


                    All you're doing here is telling the system that this phone type is Android. Bam! Works!
                    I also did this for DROIDX and it worked.

                    By the way, a little birdie told me that Android 4 will be supported in Version 5.
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                      Oops... Shoretel 4.8 admin guide states:
                      The Cellular Call Answer Confirmation feature helps the enterprise user to properly
                      route the call to enterprise voicemail.
                      When on the cellular network, and this feature is set to None, the Mobility Router does
                      not distinguish between the user answering the call or the cellular voicemail. Select None
                      to send enterprise voice messages to the personal cellular mailbox.
                      If this feature is set to DTMF, the Mobility Router distinguishes between the user
                      answering using a DTMF tone and cellular voicemail answering. In this case, the Mobility
                      Router identifies the user's cellular voicemail, and routes the call to the enterprise
                      IMPORTANT Android and iPhone devices do not send the DTMF digit “#”. Select IVR
                      for these devices to route the call to enterprise voicemail.