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  • Last few issues with Mobility configuration

    Looking for ideas on the following:

    1. When calling internal 4 digits from the mobility client (regardless if on wifi or cellular), it shows up as caller ID unknown. This is when I provision the phone with the "allow enhanced mobility extension" specified under my standard user in director.
    2. When calling external from the mobility client , I receive the "Call failure - Network busy error" (at one point I had this working but in troubleshooting other pieces, I screwed this up
    3. When calling the desk extension from another phone, the mobility client does not ring.

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    Hammered out these issues. The username specified on the "Line" tab of the user configuration should be the automatically generated username from the "Allow Enhanced Mobility with Extension" Now it is down to just the "Im sorry that extension cannot be reached at this time" when pressing the "Handover" button during a call.