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  • iPhone doesn't ring while in "sleep" mode

    The mobility system is working correctly while the iPhones are awake, as soon as they have been sleeping for a few minutes, it no longer works.
    Settings are to allow on cellular Data, Cellular voice and Wifi. At the office we have Wifi, if I select to keep wifi on all the time it seems to work however the phone gets really hot and battery dies quickly. (ShoreTel mobility app is updated and allowed to refresh in background, cellular data is permitted for the App in the setiings of the iPhone)

    It's my understanding if wifi is off but cellular data is enabled it should continue to work correctly...

    Is anyone else having this problem?

    IPhone 5s iOS 8.1.3
    App version: 9.0.30 build 225


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    I am not sure if my problem is exactly the same, but I feel like the Mobility client stops working daily on my iphone, unless I go in to have it refresh. I have the same settings on it, and have tried it on wifi or on cellular, and if I don't basically start the ShoreTel mobility client every morning, my calls come through the cellular side with a number that I don't exactly recognize, but is probably a spare DID number in the system. I have used an Android phone for a few weeks and never had to open up the App to get it to ring calls, and so far I'm chalking that up to iOS putting the app to some sort of sleep which makes it lose it's mobility connection.

    I have noticed that if I get a call over the celluar side instead of with the app, I will then launch the app on my phone. When I do that, my square is grey for a few secondsd as if it is reconnecting to the mobility router, and then it goes green.


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      I have just installed a mobility solution and am having the same issue with the iphones. They have the latest iphone 6 and the latest iOS. Latest Mobility client version 9.0.
      Has anyone seen a resolution for this?
      I have a ticket opened with Shoretel, but have not heard back from them yet.
      I will post a resolution if there is one.