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  • Shoretel Communicator on iPhone

    I'm hoping someone here can help...
    Brief Setup Info:
    ShoreWare Director build 17.21.. resides on Windows server 2k8 running iis 7.
    iPhone 6 (iOS 8.1.2) running the communicator app on Verizon

    I can get the app to work when connected to the local internal Wi-Fi via IP address. Once I go over to the cell network, it no longer can authenticate and login to the server.
    I wiresharked the network traffic and can confirm that the 2 devices are at least talking to each other, so I know my NAT and firewall rules are configured correctly.

    Any suggestions or next steps to try?

    Thanks in advance.

    Edit: I also looked in the iis logs and found this...
    2015-01-27 21:35:49 GET /login/sm_login.asp user-id=domain\username&password=***&app-id=cmiphone-1.0 80 - (iPhone IP) ShoreTel/ 200 0 0 214
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