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  • iPhone dialing from cellular

    Having a problem making enterprise calls from an iPhone on cellular. If I dial a 4 digit extension from rad, the call goes out as xxx-xxx-xxxx,xxxx where the 4 digit extension is appended. When the access number initially answers, the phone sends the 4 digit extension as dtmf. I then hear "that extension is not valid"

    Any ideas what could be wrong here? This is only on cell, as wifi calls work as expected.

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    Solved this today.

    The reason for failure was "Inband DTMF detection" was not enabled. I don't think the ShoreTel Integration Guide noted it was necessary to enable it. In fact it says on page 18 "Inband DTMF Detection — Uncheck" Apparently that is incorrect.

    You do this in Config>Voice>IP PBXs>Media


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      Glad you were able to fix it, thanks for sharing the resolution.



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        I have a question that is kind of related, this is not a "have you tried this?" but more for my information.
        If dialing from an iPhone in a cellular area (not on wifi) is it possible for the mobility router to call the iPhone rather than the iPhone make the call to the Mobility Router which then dials out from the enterprise.
        The intent is for all calls from the iPhone using the mobility dialer to be made at the expense of the enterprise rather than the iPhone.


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          I don't believe that is currently possible.


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            Thank you. I have also confirmed this is the case with ShoreTel documentation now.