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  • Handover from wi-fi to cellular fails.

    Am trying to get Mobility working, Release 14.2 ShoreTel PBX and Version on the SMR. iPhone mobile phone.

    Can make and receive calls when using wi-fi and cellular networks fine, the issue I have is as below:

    If I am on wi-fi and walk out of the building the current call will transfer over to the cell network no problems. I can then walk back into the building and "hand-in" on to the wi-fi again with no problems. My problem is when i try to manually "handover" from the wi-fi to the cell network that the call fails. I am using an iphone and press the "handover" button, the screen changes to the native dialler, shows the ddi number assigned as handover access number, the call timer starts but then the call cuts off after approx 20 seconds. The caller at the other end just gets "air".

    If anyone could point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated.



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    If you have access to the Shoretel support site check this link:


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      In case you don't:

      Call to Access or Handover number fails
      Legacy KB Number: KB17243
      When dialing via Cell, call drops when dialing Access Numbers to connect call.
      When on a call and initilaizing a Handover, call drops.
      This can be due to a number of reasons, including Numbering Plan recognition, service availability, and incorrect OSE/Number utilization in the SMR and PBX.
      Symptoms and Causes
      Resolutions and Workarounds
      One of the most common issues will be that the Off System Extensions are not normalized within the SMR numbering plan. This means that the SMR, upon receiving those digits, doesn't know what to do with the numbers, so the call will be rejected with a 404 Not Found.

      How to apply:
      1. Take your OSE's from your Mobility SIP Trunk Group in Director.
      2. Go to SMR in Configuration>System>Voice>IPBX>Numbering Plan>Advanced.
      3. Scroll down to where it says Access Call Number Mapping
      4. Click "Add" below
      5. "Incoming Number" field enter your Access Number OSE from the SIP Trunk group.
      6. "Normalized Number" field, enter your Access Number EXACTLY as you see it in the Voice>Access Number
      7. Repeat for Reverse Dial and Handover Numbers This tells the SMR what to do with the received OSEs.


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        HI chaps, I sorted this issue out. My extension numbers and ddi numbers did not match, so I had to enter the extension numbers/ddi numbers in the "Cellular Caller ID Mapping" table.

        Appreciate your responses...

        Go Team Orange