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  • Android 4.4

    Anyone out there adventurous enough to try running the shoretel mobility client on Android 4.4 KitKat? I know it's not officially supported yet, but was wondering how much of it works. Any info is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    I just set it up on one of my sales guys. It installed and worked. I've not heard him complaining so I'm assuming it's working ok. This is on the latest version of the SMR.


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      Thanks Jamie. Glad to hear it's working out of the gate. As long as it's forwarding calls, that's enough for me.


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        Well yes, it will forward calls, but good luck getting the app working. I've been wanting to use Mobility since Android 4.3 and there is nothing in the works for Android 4.3 or Android 4.4 -- they are focused on iPhone / iPad.

        This comes directly from ShoreTel employees. I am extremely disappointed. They are obviously a few years behind, because Apple was great a few years ago but has been in steady decline.

        ShoreTel needs to get with the program...

        "Apple’s iOS grew 17% year on year but ABI said its growth is “undoubtedly flattening”, noting that the iPhone 5c has done little to boost sales volumes. Apple’s decision to limit itself to selling premium devices continues to constrain its marketshare — and as the lower-end portion of the smartphone market continues to expand, fueled by users of basic mobiles upgrading to their first smartphone, that share will inevitably be diluted further."


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          I'm running SMR 7.1 and loaded the app on my new Galaxy S5 running 4.4 and it seems to work just fine.


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            Originally posted by allano View Post
            I'm running SMR 7.1 and loaded the app on my new Galaxy S5 running 4.4 and it seems to work just fine.
            Mind sharing the details? Which app exactly, as there are two.

            You were able to download the Android app from the mobility router, install it, and remote provision without the app crashing?


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              Installed ra_dialer-android-23.apk

              As for the app download, I always email it to myself and run it from there on my phone.


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                Mobility 7.1 and Moto X Android 4.4.2.

                I could not get to the webpage remotely to download the .apk but I was able to locally. It provisioned and registered just fine both locally and remotely too. So far I've only noticed two issues; First, dialing just "#" crashes the client. Second, I am having issues with presence working, it is telling me "Presence user is disabled on server side" even though it is not. I feel this may merit a call with TAC as it seems to be a bug since all users are in the same group with the same permissions/config and iPhones are working just fine.

                Side note: I just did a new install today and immediately upgraded to Mobility 7.1. Seems the "Cellular Direct Number Pattern" still includes that whoopsie entry "XXX" which will cause any 3-digit dial to force out the native cell dialer (all calls go out cell phone and not the smr client). This is supposed to be "911" so just change it and you'll be good to go if your system is using 3 digit extensions :-)


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                  Android 4.4 is now supported in Mobility 8.0 and now available from ShoreTel