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  • Blackberry Storm II 9550

    Trying to install Blackberry wiil not move field to field when adding server,port, and password.

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    oh dear, thats a pity.
    I presume you want to know if it should work?
    Could you tell us the version and build of ShoreTel you are running please.
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      15.41.3005.0 not sure wereto find the build


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        Lol @ Dave....

        The version (xx.x) and the build (xx.xx.xxxx.x) can be found on the login page to the ShoreTel Director.

        BLK - In this case, 15.41.3005.0 corresponds to version 10.2 I believe. It seems that the Blackberry Storm 2 (9550) is not supported on this version.

        It is supported in version 12 however from looking at the release notes. This is not to say there is no way to get your Blackberry Storm 2 to work on your current build (you'd be surprised how much ShoreTel say is not supported but actually works...) but it may be easiest to get the device to work by upgrading, rather than bodge the mobile phone, the system, or both.

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          Jamie, as an FYI, "supported" in the ShoreTel world simply means we have tested and will certify that the solution will work. When we say something is unsupported - for instance, virtualizing a 10.2 system - it just means we've never tried it, and don't know if it'll work or not.

          Lots of our customers run unsupported configurations. It just means that if something goes wrong, the burden of support is on the customer; ShoreTel can't support configurations we've never even tested. In an analogy, you're welcome to use your car as a submarine, but don't expect the manufacturer to fix it when it breaks.


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            The 9550 can be installed and provisioned but I have been unable to get it working on wifi. TAC informed me today it is not supported on wifi....cellular only.


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              Originally posted by blkj88 View Post
              Trying to install Blackberry wiil not move field to field when adding server,port, and password.
              It will move to the next field but often requires touching around in different areas to trigger it. The UI is very awkward.