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  • Voice Licenses in ECC?


    I'm puzzled to what "Voice" licenses provision in ECC. I asked my contact at the Shoretel reseller that first installed our system, and got an answer similar to the Installation Guide's definition:

    Inbound/Outbound Voice — The maximum number of agents who can be logged in to a group that requires a license to handle incoming and outbound voice calls concurrently.
    What confuses me is that we've been using the 10 Voice licenses that come with the starter bundle with over 10 concurrent users on several occasions, and I've not heard of anyone receiving warnings or errors with connecting to callers when we've been over 10 concurrent users.

    I'm really trying to understand what it looks like when one hits that threshold. If anyone knows if there's a specific event notification keyword I can search for in logs, maybe that would help me understand as well.

    Thanks in advance to anyone that can help!

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    Hi the voice licences are the licenses that allow your ECC agents to take inbound Call Centre calls. The number of licenses (voice) determine how many can log in simultaneously.
    Email, Chat and Outbound licenses all do the same as above for handlind email, Chat and outbound calls/interactions


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      Thank you for share it.