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  • Route call/email to same Agent from last interaction?


    Is it possible to route a call or email to the same agent they previously spoke to?

    E.g. Email queue customer email is replied to by Agent 1, customer replies again and ShoreTel will then wait until this agent becomes availible (for so long) until offering it to another agent.

    Or, a call comes in and it knows the last agent to speak to this customer was Agent 1 and Agent 1 is availible so the call is routed to them.



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    You would have to do this by tracking inbound ANI / sender email address and assigning a skill preference for the agent in question i believe, this may be possible but is going to be rather difficult to implement successfully.


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      This is achieved by looking up a database for the caller ID (ANI) and routing the caller to the agent listed as the last agent contacted. You would need an ODBC connection to a database and a routing/lookup script in GCCS, I did this for customer that required it but rather than sending it to an agent I sent the call the Agent's Agent Queue that way you can cater for conditions where the agent isn't available who has a colleague who can take the call instead.


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        Just bear in mind that any solution that determines this based on CLID (ANI technically) rather than requiring the caller to enter a case # or id # is going to have problems with cases where many people call in from a company to work multiple cases but all push a common corporate CLID on outbound calls.