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  • Auto transfer after call for survey

    Hi we have created a survey and assigned it to an IRN. This is working well. However, it needs the agent to transfer the caller to the survey, so less than great calls are not making their way to the survey.

    We would like to do something along the lines of have the call transfer there after the agent hangs up. It is looking like this is not an option in ECC? I have thought about providing the customer with an option of a survey in the mandatory announcement, then having ECC call the user back after the call is ended and provide the survey that way. But this is not ideal, most people do not know they want to take the survey until they have had the call.

    Can any one thing of something clever to achieve this goal? I know some SBCs can do this, but I have spoken to ingate (the ShoreTel recommended SBC) and they cannot do this.

    Any help would be great.

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    We also have a post call survey, but unfortunately there's no way to automatically transfer the call (at least with the standard recommended shoretel setup)

    We've had to push a lot of functionality up to the service provider level to give a decent service..


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      Thanks for the reply. I have been thinking about this, and i may have a solution. I am working on something