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  • Updating Agent List in Scheduled Report Template

    We have a couple of scheduled agent reports. I've discovered that when I modify the report template to update the agent list, the changes do not occur in the scheduled report. In the past, I've had to delete the scheduled report and then regenerate it with the updated template.

    I just now noticed a checkbox on the schedule tab to "Synchronize with the source template (parameters, design)". Is the intent of this checkbox to refresh the scheduled report from the template each time it runs? I've been unable to find any documentation that discusses this flag.
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    Hi when scheduling a report there is a little checkbox under the schedule name. Synchronise with report template checking this box will ensure that any changes made to the template will be incorporated to the scheduled report


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      Thanks. Do you know if there is any reports documentation that details this? If so, there may be other helpful tips I can learn from!


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        If you access the Contact Center Director web-page there is a Help section in the navigation pane. This will display links to all documentation for the ECC.
        Historical Report documentation/Help is found at this link: