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  • BUG - Predictive Interflow does not work in ECC 9


    Just wanted to let everyone know that we have a confirmed BUG case with Shoretel where Predictive Interflow has NEVER worked in ECC 9. Additionally the reporting from ECC on interflow also has material flaws.

    The case number is 02248377

    In the final release of ECC 9 they are going to release a fix for both issues (the predictive interflow failure and reporting bug), which should be out any time now.

    They did not disclose and I cannot verify if this issue is present in the Connect Contact Center.

    Support was able to confirm that this feature has NEVER worked in ECC 9 - so anything hoping to use is has been out of luck.

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    I can see that it's been fixed in connect latest release 507.85.3200.0

    Known issues fixed in Mitel Connect Contact Center build 507.85.3200.0: Defect Number Description
    ENG-489854 Additional logging for issue of CCIR data not being written intermittently.
    ENG-514544 “Avg ACD Ring Time” continued to accumulate incorrectly for a call that interflowed out of Contact Center.
    ENG-526503 CCIR would not upgrade to Connect for one customer with “CCIR could not connect to the ECC Server” error.
    ENG-528943 Agents intermittently logged out of Interaction Center.
    ENG-529094 Caller was stuck in a script “get digits” action when configured timeout did not function.
    ENG-548430 Contact Center IVR process failure.
    ENG-548523 Predictive interflow routing not functioning.