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  • Contact Center Director and Web Agent HTTPS capable!

    You can enable HTTPS now in Contact Center during the upgrade process.

    I had to update the following fields in the "wecc.ini" to FQDN so when I logged into https://<server FQDN>:8433/ccd or :8433/ecc it resolved to FQDN that matched my certificate instead of IP:

    Last edited by augie; 07-12-2018, 12:56 PM.

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    Hi augie

    Where are you updating wecc.ini? is it the one found in "Program Files (x86)\ShoreTel\ShoreTel Contact Center Server" and I'm guessing that this doesn't apply to supervisor stuff?

    Is this only valid at point of upgrade or can this be done post upgrade?


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      Hi Mikey - yes that's the location.

      One entry was related to the web agent, the other entry was related to logging into Contact Center Director (CCD). So this didn't have anything to do with the supervisor "tools".

      I would say not to update this till after the upgrade, and you verify you're having the same issue where after logging in you're re-routed to the IP address of the URL instead of FQDN. I suppose if you had a certificate generated that included the IP address of Contact Center server in the subject alternative name this wouldn't be an issue. I'm pretty sure the only way you'd be able to do that is with an internal CA and a manual CSR (I've never been able to get the CSR tool in Director to properly add the IP address).