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  • Ccir

    Hi All,

    We are using ccir/cciv for better reporting of our calls. We had an issue over the weekend where the services got stuck and the cdrc2g databse cdr table didn't update.

    The services have been restarted and all is working again but there is a "loss" of data for the period that he service was stuck.

    Is there anyway to re-process this? or are we stuck with a gap in the data?

    Any thoughts?

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    Hey Mikey,

    This comes up a lot and there's no way to recover the data. We often use CCIR with Brightmetrics, and their recommendation has always been to spin up a secondary CCIR server as a backup, so the event feed will be written to the other CCIR server which would preserve the data...

    Kind of a bummer... Nobody likes inaccurate reports...


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      Cheers for that augie,

      Might suggest a product improvement to them then to be able to re-process data or at least alert if no new data is received. In this particular situation I don't think a secondary server would of prevented the situation


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        The ECC will only store 1000 records if a CCIR server is unreachable. The CCIR servers do replicate between each other just like the ECC secondary.