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  • ECC Agent Status Change Radomly

    For nearly 2 years I've been experiencing issues with agent status changing randomly. Some examples include:
    Agents will put themselves in a lunch status but return from lunch in a Forced Release status
    Agents will not show any status in the status panel in the upper-left corner of the web page even though they have a status (busy, lunch, etc)
    Agents will not be able to take their first call through the web page. The call will get delivered but will not show in the web page, only at the phone
    Agents will get bumped to a release state in the middle of a call
    Agents will be in wrap-up but a new call will be delivered before they end wrap-up

    Any thoughts? I'm happy to answer any questions but listing everything we've done to try and rectify it would run pages long.
    Thanks in advance.
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    When you reboot your Contact Center server, do you see any event errors in the event viewer show up (bootstrapper errors, etc)?

    How are you routing calls to agents? I've seen meltdowns like this if you're doing things like:

    *Having Contact Center agents take hunt group or workgroup calls while also taking Contact Center calls
    *Routing calls through an IRN that has been placed in a hunt group
    *Contact Center agents are parking calls

    You really need to make sure if you have Contact Center agents involved in any workgroup or hunt groups that they could only take those kind of calls in a backup scenario where Contact Center server is down.

    There's some pretty strict guidelines on how calls can be routed to an IRN (see IRN Route Point Limitations in install guide). I would make sure you're operating in a supported configuration


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      I would also find a long term ping tool ( is a decent one we use from time to time) and have it running on a couple of agents with pings to both the ECC and HQ for a day or two. Some of the issues you describe could be due to connection issues to one or the other of those servers from the interaction viewer. Always good to rule those kinds of issues out as well.