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  • Newer scheduled reports in ECC8 do not generate on schedule

    Hello All,

    We have an odd issue, where any new reports that we create, and then schedule, do not get generated when they're supposed to be. We have these setup to send a PDF version of the reports by email, every day on work days. However, older reports that were originally setup in 2015 or 2016 are generating and being emailed out as scheduled. All reports are set to be generated in the default Reports folder, and the printer account in ECC tested OK. I can manually generate the reports in Contact Center Reports. Also when I go to look at the log for each of the scheduled reports that aren't working, nothing shows up for them. Anyone have any ideas on this one?


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    Could you upload screenshots of the "Schedule" and "Destination" tabs of your scheduled report in Contact Center Reports? For the sake of time, could you upload the same info for a working report?

    Seems like I remember something familiar if you didn't have the right path/extension for the filename...


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      I did spot one difference between the newer, and the older scheduled reports - The newer reports had "Generate the report on working days only" checked. I previously thought that was checked on all the reports. I'll try un-checking that first to see if that clears it up.

      EDIT: Yes that was the problem. Thank you for your suggestion Augie
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