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  • How to receive ACD call while on Personal call?

    We have an ACD group on Mitel Cloud for our Sales Team.
    We have 4 agents assigned to the ACD on a longest idle distribution.
    These agents also make personal calls during the day to make sales and we do not want those calls to affect the ACD routing.

    We want the agents to be able to receive an ACD call while they are actually on a personal outbound call. This can increase our availability to the ACD volume as a team. right now, it doesn't work because the ACD defines a user as "busy" while on a personal call. How can we re-define the user as idle while they are on a personal call?

    If we cannot modify the definition of events for the ACD, are there any other group solutions to accomplish the longest idle distribution by defining idle as "longest since last group call"?

    Help needed