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  • Transfer call to survey, collect agent extension SQL


    I am trying to make a survey script to be offered to customers at the end of a call. If the customer accepts, they are transferred to script. We need to know the agents extension to link to the survey as the questions are about the agents performance. If we transfer the call do we keep the agent extension call profile? I was planning to use the following commands but it is erroring. Any ideas? Thanks

    insert into surveydb (CallerId,AgentExt) values (%Caller ID%,%Agent Extension%)

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    We've just implemented the same based on a 3 question survey..

    This is our final insert:

    insert into Survey (CLI, DateTaken, TimeTaken, Q1, Q2, Q3, AgentName) values ('%ANI%', '%ACD Enter Date%', '%ACD Enter Time%', '%Q1Answer%', '%Q2Answer%', '%Q3Answer%', '%AgentName%');

    and we get a database that has the following:

    CLI, Date Time, Q1, Q2, Q3 and the agent name


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      I have everything working apart from the AgentName. It is blank, is it because I am transferring the call to a script so it is losing this call profile? How do you transfer it in your environment?



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        it's a bit messy but to get the agent details we have had to create individual route points for each of the agents to transfer to. This hit's their irn and assigns the call profile of the relevant Agent. This then has a destination of teh survey script.

        That script then contains the above sql

        Does that make sense?


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          That makes sense, but surely there is an easier way of doing it? Can we not collect the Agent Name and add it to another Call Profile and take that through to survey?


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            You would of thought so, but it's the only way we could find to get the agent information into the survey database. It's all just a bit clunky as the transfer information just isn't being passed on. PITA mind you as our contact centre keeps expanding and I have to create more and more stuff just to be able offer some sort of "standard" service.


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              I have an idea. I will keep you posted.


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                I hope you found an easier solution. I have implemented a customer with a callback type evaluation and have used the CCIR database to capture the agent name and ID that handled the call. Since you can write the ecc call id to a database, the script can contain a lookup to the CCIR database and retrieve the agent or agents that handled the call.