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  • Agent wont log in to Contact Center - Goes to Failover Mode

    We are using Shoretel 14. I have a remote user on Windows 10 that connects to our network via VPN. They can ping both the HQ server and the CC server. Communicator will log in to the HQ server and the agent can receive and make calls.

    However, the agent cannot log in to Contact Center. I have confirmed the login and password, even resetting them to be sure. On the Communicator the Contact Center almost immediately goes to "Failover Mode" and shows "System Unavailable". The Contact Center dashboard shows the agent as OOS.

    I looked through the WG log in ShorelineData\Logs and there are a bunch of entries showing things like:

    Trigger2Event 2084 (6525) or Trigger2Event 2023 (131) (6525)

    6525 is the agents extension. There are also lines reporting:

    Agent 6525 not found HuntManager::OnModifyAgentInfo

    I'm very new to Shoretel, having inherited this from the previous person so be gentle. Any thoughts?

    I've tried to RTFM and look all over the web for ideas before posting.

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    Try having them run the just the ECC agent client vs Communicator and see if it then connects and logs in. Sometimes that seems to jump start the PC to get it all sync'd up.

    Another option, If you RDP into their machine (so you can watch/control) you could then open Communicator and click the Shoretel "S" and in the drop down go to "View" and check "Show Status Bar" which will put an extra view at the bottom of Communicator. Then exit Communicator and restart it, watching the status bar which will show you what it's trying to do, you may see what is happening to make it fail.


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      I have a client with this issue, did you find a resolution to this?