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  • Reports Data Purge

    I recently had one of the managers of the Call Center try to run a report for the month of January 2009. When the report gets generated, it is blank. Does the ShoreTel ECC have a certain period after which it purges this data? I did not see anything specifying a retention period.

    ECC 5.1 build 502.5.1211.0

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    ECC only keeps its data for 13 months. So from now it would have reports from August 2009.


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      Running into same issue.

      So, what is causing the limitation? Is there a way of making it longer? NAyone got a work around? Even if it is storing the DB on a external 5 terabyte drive. Or archiving adding to the DB every week/month.

      I find it hard to accept that someone wouldn't want to pull a year to year comparison report. How were the que wait times last year vs the year before and how should I plan for them this season, How is Agebt A doing now that they have been here a year. How has Agent B improved over a 3 year period?

      Of course some new queries would need to be developed perhaps.


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        We have a tool which replicates SQL INSERTs and UPDATEs but not DELETEs to a secondary server for any MySQL database. We use this extensively with the non-ECC CDR data. If ECC doesn't have an archive feature that works the way you wish, this could be a possibility.


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          The problem is 2 fold.
          problem #1 the length of time that the DB is stored is 1 year. your solutions sounds like it would create a separate data base and add to it infinitely.
          Problem #2 is using built in reports to query the new Database.


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            Problem #1: That is correct. That's exactly what we do.
            Problem #2: I would have to look into this. I've not done much with reporting on ECC, so I don't know a lot about how it works. Perhaps it is trivial to retarget the reports to hit another database. If not, the solution to #1 could be modified to keep all data in the primary database yet safely prevent ECC from deleting old data.


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              As it stands the customer doesn't the extra hassle or cost.

              Now I am presented with the question of can reports be automatically run. I have not looked at this at all and figured I would throw it out here, then race to see if I can get my answer first:tt2:

              Ok found it Page 27 of CC Supervisor user guide - Version: Supervisor_51_September 15, 2009
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