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  • Help with ECC Holidays Please

    I need help with ECC holiday scheduling. I can't locate much documentation and I'm not sure if my assumptions are correct. I configured my working schedules and setup a holiday non-workday. What will the ECC do on a non-workday? Will it use the default destination or do I have to configure the route point to go to an auto attendant?

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    Scheduling at the IRN or the Route Point

    Given a choice I prefer to put this functionality in the ECC rather than on the Route Point. Setting up a schedule in the ECC using Call Profile changes will get the job done and you will maitain valuable statistics. If you apply a schedule against the Route Point, you lose information that call center managers want. For example, it is useful to know how many people called during a holiday or after hours etc. If you apply the schedule to the route point you will lose this. Do it in the ECC, it is not as simple to program as applying a schedule to the route point, but it provides much more information and greater granularity of control. Check this video Scheduling | VOIP Tech Blog