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  • configuration question

    Our customer has 40 different DIDs coming in the system with 7 people handling all of the calls. We set skillsets for each agent and setup each IVR coming in as a Service. The agents are all in one group. Everything seems fine in testing, however, if you look at both the Agent Manager tool and the Reports, everything is segmented by Groups and NOTHING can be reported on by Service, so they won’t be able to sort by client/queues which is what will be giving them their reporting/billing information.

    Reconfiguration suggestions????

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    Are you running ECC or CC?

    I understand that you would like to be able to report on call volume and other parameters by DID, even though each DID goes to one single group. If you are using ECC then I suggest that you create a DNIS entity for each IRN which basically enables reporting at the IRN level. If you are not on Enterprise Contact Centre then you will have to set up a group for each service to report on.


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      Thanks! We are running ECC. I think I will try this and see if this helps.