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  • Force Release Code

    Is it possible to force an agent to enter a release code when they release in the agent toolbar? It would be nice if upon pressing the release button a pop-up would activate forcing the user to enter in their release code.

    Thanks for your help.

    Shoretel 10.1
    Contact Center 5.1

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    As I understand it, you can collect the release codes and give the agents the "Release with Code" button. But you cannot force them to use it. They can still simply release without a code. You would have to rely on some non-technical ways to force the issue.


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      Forced Release Codes

      We started using the release codes several months ago. Agents frequently forgot to enter a code so we started running and publishing a daily report that showed the number of times agents had "no code" during their shift. Over time, instances of "no code" have become very infrequent.


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        As the ShoreTel admin for our company, I've learned that some things still require a manager with a big stick to enforce.