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  • Constant ringing speakers

    We have a couple of people in our Call Center using head sets that after about 3 queue calls the PC starts a constant ring through their speakers. The only way we can get it to stop is restart the PC, but then it starts all over again. So far the solution is to shut the volume down on the speakers, but that is a pretty lame solution. Wouldn't be an issue but the new Call Center Supervisor wants everyone's phone to ring through the speakers to rule missed calls cuz someone laid their headset down. The agents that I know for sure are having the issue are at a remote site if that makes any difference.

    Has anyone else run across this?

    Appreciate any leads on what is happening here.


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    Does the sound go away when you shut down the agent? If it doesn't , look for another culprit.
    Agents do have audible alerts on calls in queue. Go to the agent options and turn it off there. If you think there is a defect, call ShoreTel support and let them know.