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  • Cannot re-size que monitor window!?!!?

    This is making me insane. We have one user who can only open the que monitor window maximized. When you click the button on the tool bar it instantly minimizes on the task bar and you can only open it maximized. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the tool bar as well as re-imaged the whole PC and its still happening! Its making mental. Anyone see this before??

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    I saw this once before...I cant remember how we fixed this, but it is crazy! The config file is stored on the CC server, so you can delete that .ini file and it should start from scratch.


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      The answer is simple.
      Let's assume that your agent number is 1000.
      On the agent machine,make sure that the agent application is not running. find the directory calls 1000 under you agent install directory and delete it.

      On the server, under the install directory, also find all directories called 1000 and delete them (they will have a file called etas.ini in them).

      Now, launch the agent. Problem solved!


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        I'm not familiar with the exact problem, but this may also help, depending on the real cause:

        If you close a window while minimized, some applications will save the window size and position, but fail to save the minimized/maximized state. Since the position of a minimized window is off screen, you will not be able to see the application when restarting it. To resolve:

        1. Right-click on the task bar button of the problematic window and choose Move.
        2. Press an arrow key.
        3. Move the mouse. The window should come on screen.
        4. Click to stop moving the window. Resize and position as needed.


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          gulu, that did the trick! Thanks so much! That was making me crazy!