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  • CC agent state is not reporting accurately

    We are seeing an issue where the state of the agent is not accurate. Supervisor sees agent as available or not on a call but when he calls the agent they are on a CC call and there is no indication that is the case.

    The other scenario is the CC shows hte agent as idle, sends a caller to agent and because agent was on a call the CC forces the agent into forced release as they were already on a call so the system looks at the agent like they did not ansewer.

    Anyone see this type of behavior?

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    Usually you see that kind of behavior if TAPI messages start getting lost. If the ECC never gets a update from the PBX that they're on the phone.

    What build of ECC are you on?


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      We are on the latest and greatest prior to Monday's update release. It is the newest on the SHoretel web site.


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        ECC rel 5 error

        Our agent's are showing as on an e-mail or wrap code and the agent is idle. No calls go to the agent until the toolbar is closed and then re-opended. TAC is working on it, just wanted to see if anyone else is experiencing. running 5.1


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          I can tell you what I know about the mechanics, and we can see if it leads to something that help makes sense. Honestly though it is probably going to be a bug fix no matter what, but you can probably narrow it down to where the problem is.

          The supervisor information (i.e. Agent Manager) comes from a process called EMIS that handles all real time data and writes out historical data. When things change, the routing layer (LRL) tells EMIS what the changes are and it updates accordingly.

          For example, an agent ends a call and goes into wrap:
          1. LRL gets a notification via TAPI of the conclusion of the call.
          2. LRL decides that now the agent gets a wrap-up, and puts them into a wrap state.
          3. LRL tells EMIS that the agent is in a wrap state

          So what you are experiencing can be defines as a disconnect between 1 and 2, or 2 and 3. If EMIS is reporting the agent in wrap, but the agent will be routed calls as if they are idle something is getting lost between LRL and EMIS. If both EMIS and LRL report the agent in a state that is not valid, then it is likely ECC lost a TAPI event that would trigger an update.

          How can you tell? If you have access to the Restricted Technical Diagnostics on the ECC Console, one can peek directly at LRL via the Agents option. So when it happens, you can see which thing is reporting incorrectly. LRL is the key thing to monitor; it controls what ECC does rather than what it reports.

          That was probably more than anyone ever wanted to know, but hey


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            I had a very similar issue in the server application log I had several errors of:

            SUP: Process TWV_WRK does not exist, going to recreate

            Sent some logs and crash files to the help team and they found there was a problem with my silence.wav file I re-recorded a few seconds of silence and then replaced the file in my IVR folder, since then no more crashes or issues.

            Just my experience.