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  • Clear user licenses?

    We have two supervisor liceneses and 20 agent licenses. For some reason my supervisor licenses keep getting locked.

    My partner called shoretel about the issue and right now we are searching for some way to clear the liceses without rebooting the server( thus kicking all the callers off ).

    Seems like as soon as someone logs in and then off, the license stays locked.

    Its really irritating, if anyone has any suggestions, i am open for it!


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    Workgroup or Contact Center?


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      Which version of ECC?


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        "workgroup or contact center" ? I am not sure i understand. I didnt think the contact center had workgroups. The issue is with trying to log into the contact center director using a supervisor login.

        Version: We just had it installed 4 months ago, so i would assume, very recent. I cant login as of yet because of the issue.

        Version info: i went to the add/remove programs and clicked the support link, this is what it said: 502.4.4006.0 Hope that helps.
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          WAIT! i poked around the hard drive and they had a folder for the install:




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            You are using an older version of ECC 5.1 which had an issue like that.
            I believe the latest version has this issue resolved.
            If you call support they will be able to tell you which version it was resolved in.


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              Support says the issue has not been resolved but is in the fix list.