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  • Login to single workgroups?

    Hello All,

    Newb here. I have searched and can not find an answer so thought I would start a post. We have several workgroups defined and I need to log a user into a specific group to cover for lunches etc. The proble is that she belongs to other groups as well. So far it appears that If she logs in to the system, she get logged into all of the groups she is a member of????

    Is there a way to make a user a member of multile groups and be able to login/logout individually to each group?

    Thanks in advance....

    Oh yeah, we have only be on the system for 2 days now.


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    No, there is no way to log in and out of specific groups at this time. I would recommend you configure the custom mode of the workgroup to always forward calls to a second workgroup that has this person in it. Then either set up a schedule or manually change the workgroup mode from Call Manager's Queue Monitor window.


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      You can also consider the contact center instead of workgroups. It has that functionality and much more.


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        Unfortunatly the work around is getting 2 phones, or having another extension and then having the agent switch their phone between both extensions