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  • Crash every couple of weeks

    Our ECC crashes every couple of weeks if we don't reboot it. It runs fine after a reboot but after a couple of weeks weird issues start poping up and then it will crash. But once it restarts its good for another fews weeks.
    I have attached the error message we get everytime it crashes.

    5.0 version
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    Have you opened a trouble ticket with ShoreTel Technical Support? They should be able to assist you.


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      No but I will have our partner do that.


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        ECC 5.0 crash

        I have the same issue, different screenshot. I have opened a ticket with our vendor and ST always request a copy of the logsthe system reboots when our vendor pulls the logs and again when TAC pulled the logs. This did not happen on 4.66 versions. I realize the transition from Easy Run to their own is difficult, but the frustration from our Contact Center may result in removal of the ECC with another product, after I have become VERY adept with the ECC. I will be doing an up upgrade to 5.1 after the holidays. Good luck and Happy New Year to all.


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          I believe this problem was found and resolved.
          It is definitely not there in the lastest 5.0 and 5.1 builds.


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            Experiencing similar issue running 5.0

            Planning on the upgrade to 5.1 next week. Any gotchas I need to be concerned about? Or following the installation manual good enough? I noticed the issues prior to 5.0 to 5.1 but nothing too specific on the 5.0 to 5.1.

            Agent and supervisors can easily upgrade similar to a callmanager upgrade?
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