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  • Contact Center

    Hello Everyone,

    We currently have a Shoretel system in house, and will be expanding our company to numerous companies that will all be handled in house. i.e. We have one large company and will be creating numerous smaller companies. We would like to have a "Call Center" customer service dept where incoming calls for all of the companies will be received, and I cant seem to fine whether or not Contact Center can handle such an environment.

    If each of the companies have their own number, can Contact Center handle the routing for this? We would like to have it so the agents can see that the call is coming in for a particular company and handle it appropriately.

    Thanks for your help,

    Steve G.

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    Yes, I have set up the exact same thing in the past. You can use DNIS mapping to route the different calls to the same group, but have the agents still see which company is calling, based on the number that they called.


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      Thank you Bobby_Digital

      I did see DNIS and wondered if that was the right path, so thank you very much for your response. Still pretty new with VOIP, so this is very helpful.

      Steve G.