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  • Backing Up ECC

    We upgraded our Contact Center from 4.66 to 5.0 late last week. for backing up the system, we had been using the DB Backup tool on the Management tab in Contact Center Director. We kept about a weeks worth of data on the server, and backed it up to tape once a week.

    During our install, we had to get some help from ShoreTel, and the support agent commented that with 5.0, that feature doesn't work anymore. It's possible I misunderstood what he meant, but I definately want to be sure I have the system backed up regularly.

    Do any of you use the backup tool within the Contact Center to backup your 5.0 (501.3.6805.0) installation? And, does it work?

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    The Contact Center tool itself does work still. The format it puts it out in is a little different (MySQL vs Sybase). It does take more than just backing up the database though. The wave files are stored in the file system, for example.

    I have attached a backup and restore document for 5.1 that should help you out. Even if you're not on 5.1, the only difference between this document and the 5.0 was the references to the install path. 5.1 can be installed anywhere, where 5.0 was still stuck on the D drive.
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      Perfect. Thanks for the document, that really helps!


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        Looks like you might need to find a better vendor sir.....:-)


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          I believe that later versions of 5.0 (GA4 and up for sure) can be installed anywhere just like 5.1


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            Thanks for the Manual !!!