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  • CC Routing After Force Busy

    Something that I've noticed with the handling of a call after force busy is that there is really no set "this is what happens and how to fix it" so to speak.

    The scenario I am dealing with is when more than one agent goes into the force busy mode due to being routed a call. Instead of the call routing back into the queue and sitting there, waiting for help, it gets routed to the auto-attendant which sends it to the main line (which is in no way actually linked to the CC).

    Now, after typing this up, I came up with an idea of what's happening and maybe a fix to it. If more than one agent goes into force busy (so that all available agents are "unavailable" to the call), does it route back to the workgroup and then route to the backup extension?

    So my question I guess is if there is a way to route the call back into a queue (instead of extension through backup extension)?
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    I don't remember if you can change it or not, but basically the PBX is timing out the transfer. For expedience, ECC uses transfers to move calls around in this situation and with it hopping from person to person the PBX eventually sends it to the backup AA.

    Really, the best way to fix it is agents shouldn't be force releasing like that. If they don't plan on answering the phone they should be on release.


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      I agree and have stressed this to the owner of the company that this issue is a training issue and not a system issue; however, I need to figure out a way as a backup method of handling these calls to prevent them from routing to the operator phone, when she has nothing to do with the call center whatsoever.


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        What is your language set to, Bi-lingual or english only?


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          Sorry for the delay. It should be set to English only. Does the language setting have something to do with the routing afterward that I don't know of? It would seem a bit odd if it did.
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