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  • ECC Agent COS

    Anyone know what "Telephone Manager" does?

    The dox state it allows user to manage via the telephone or something generic like that. (I can't get the specific message too easily because context help only stays open for like 15 seconds on the server, and then closes).

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    Yea that 15 second thing is a pain, I had to copy / paste it into Word to read it.
    All the help says this...
    "Telephone Manager
    If checked, enables the agent to use the telephone manager option"
    thats about all I know also at this point.....


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      They have to have access to it in the Agent class of service to fire it up from the agent toolbar. Basically it was a PCM type thing for people that didn't have PCM. It has a dialer, speed dial buttons, etc. Since PCM became so commonplace I haven't used it in a while.