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  • Contact Center Survey

    I have created a Survey in the Contact Center for customers to take after they speak with a rep. It is ext 5056. The first thing the survey does is to ask for the customers 8 digit account number. Once that is collected, the survey proceeds with 6 questions. All works fine if I dial the extension directly from an internal phone or come in through an outside line and dial 5056 from the system AA.

    In production though, the scenerio is that a customer will be on the phone with a rep, the call will be wrapping up and the rep will say, "Would you like to take a brief survey etc..?" My thought was this:

    I want the rep to enter the account number because most of the time the customer does not know it.

    I have a consultive transfer button setup that goes to 5056. When the rep hits it, the call goes to hold and the rep hears, "please enter you 8 digit account number. The rep then enters the 8 digit number and finishes the transfer by hitting the YES soft key on the phone to complete the transfer. At this point though, the call is being hung up on!!

    Does anyone have any idea on how to accomplish this?

    Shoretel recommended going to an AA first and then having it timeout to 5056. That did not work. If I just do a blind transfer, it works fine in that the customer enters their account number. managament has said that the rep must enter the account number. I thought of setting up a confernece with the rep, customer and ECC, but you cannot confernece a system extension (ecc or aa). Any ideas? What are others doing?

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    Does the consult transfer work without the digits being pressed? I am thinking it is either the consult itself or the digit presses causing the hangup.

    5056 is the IRN for the survey script, yes? Hmm,

    I am thinking maybe it is failing because the IVR route points have a call stack of one so as soon as the prompt plays you are in a single point of presence route point and that probably drops the call on hold? Kind of thinking out loud here.

    Even if you could easily conference a system extension I don't believe that will solve the issue. You could try (off hours) to set the IVR RP to have a call stack of 2 but I think that will present issues in production (possibly).

    Let me think on this a little longer....


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      I personally don't like the idea of a warm transfer to a survey. I think it makes more sense to blindly transfer the caller and free up the call taker.

      You are probably using an external DB to hold the survey responses, right? Is there anyway that you can have the call taker initially create the record in the external DB with the callers account number? If so, you could then make the first step in the survey to select the values from this record for call profile purposes and then update or insert as required?


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        I tried completing the transfer before digits were andswered and it still hung up. As far as keeping the rep on the line, it only should take 5 seconds for the rep to hit survey hot key on phone anter account number and complete transfer. For our call center, we do not seeing an issue with that.

        We are using an external database. It contains the account number, date time stamp and the answer to 6 questions.

        I could create a little form for the rep to enter the account number. How would the call associate with that record? We do not want the customer to have to do anything


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          If you go the form route, I would recommend that you add an additional field to the database and store the call GUID. The form can populate this when it populates the account number, then you can use UPDATEs to fill in the answer for the 6 questions. Will this work for you?


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            I would not know how to set the form up to automtically pull the call GUID and insert into the database. I can see how that would be the valuable unique ID.


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              Make a call control script that inserts the callerID, time, and a unique ID on every call (maybe the unique ID is selected from a seperate table in the Database before the insert). Send every call that may take a survey through this call control script before sending them through the queue for an agent. Populate a call profile field with the unique ID and present it on the agents toolbar when the call is answered. The agent then updates account number where uniqueID = x and sends the call into the survey.