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  • Blocked Caller ID won't transfer to ECC

    We have an issue with incoming calls that have Blocked Caller IDs not transfering to the ECC. The call comes into the main AA, but when the caller selects the menu option to transfer them to an ECC IRN, they get the transfer ring and then silence. The call never goes to the ECC. This only occurs on calls with a Bocked ID. All other calls transfer just fine. We have tested this every which way and that is the definitive issue. We have recreated it with every scenario possible and it is consistent.

    We are on Contact Center 5 Build 501.3.5108 and Shoretel 8.1 build 13.25.3801.0.

    Has anyone seen this issue? Is there some setting we are missing?

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    According to the release notes for 8.1 (Build 13.25.9102.0) this is a known issue and still under investigation:

    "1-34055861 Inbound Calls with Unknown Caller ID result in no audio in Contact Center scripts"

    Make sure you report this to your support rep.


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      Thanks for the heads-up dsirek. Didn't see those release notes as we haven't gone to that version yet. That bug is a business killer for us - customers are not happy.

      Do you or anybody else know of any workarounds to this issue?


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        One of my customers is experiencing the same defect. Restarting the Contact Center service appears to have cleared the issue for now. We sent logs off to ShoreTel TAC and are currently waiting for an official fix.