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  • license usage monitor

    Looking for a way to check to see < real time> who is using what license. We have a couple of large call centers with 4 supervisors each. But continue to run into the problem with having to track down who is logged in that shouldn't be, so a on duty super can login because they are getting the license/ login error.

    Does Shoretel have a monitor for this?

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    In version 5.0 and up you can see who is logged in from what IP using the diagnostics console. You need a password to access it but I think you can get that by calling ShoreTel support.


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      Where in the Diagnostic console, in the Supervisor applications part? I don't think Ive used this before, so it will show IP of all supers that are logged in?


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        You launch the console, and you select file->Show restricted technical diagnostics.
        You enter the password and then go to Diagnostics->System Management-> Supervisors.
        You get the supervisors who are logged in and their IP address.


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          Thanks for your help gulu